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Professional Full Time Acting Program

Professional Acting Program

The Professional Full Time Acting Program at 16th Street Actors Studio based in Melbourne prepares passionate actors with the skill to work professionally on the Australian and global stage in theatre and in film.  

16th Street exposes actors to the world’s finest and most highly regarded acting techniques. The studio brings the wisdom of the past together with the cutting-edge learnings of the present. We inspire the very best in the actors we train for their future in art, their profession and in life.

We nurture actors to use their voices and, through their artistry, craft and humanity, bring characters and stories to life that engage, move, uplift and entertain audiences. We believe the world needs stories that connect us to our shared humanity, make us think in new ways and feel more compassionately towards each other. And, we need actors with the talent and craft to dynamically play their part in telling those stories. 

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The Full Time Professional Acting Program is 30 weeks of immersive and accelerated actor training. We encourage actors to celebrate their unique talent, to dare to grow and be courageous to be all they are capable of being.

  • 16th Street Actors Studio fosters discipline, dedication, curiosity and respect for the craft of acting. 
  • We provide actors with a vibrant and compassionate community in which to learn and grow. 
  • Our actors are professionally mentored and supported to navigate personal challenges with wisdom, resilience and grace.
  • We believe an actor’s development as a human being is intimately connected with their artistic potential. 

The Full Time Professional Acting Program is led by award-winning theatre director Iain Sinclair (Head of Acting) and an experienced ensemble of industry professionals and teachers. 

Class days are Monday through Wednesday 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM. Extra rehearsals are a requirement of the Program.



16th Street Actors Studio has fostered the talents of many of today’s most celebrated actors. The studio provides conservatory-based programs, short courses and masterclasses, favoured by the industry and home to the world’s finest teachers, specialists and directors. 16th Street has a well-earned reputation for its dedication to all aspects of an actor’s life through the craft, the industry and overall wellbeing.

16th Street encourages applications from talented beginners and dedicated professionals. Visit our website for more information, and follow us on our socials.



To apply, for this acting program submit an application form. Once we receive your application, admissions will contact actors to arrange an audition and interview, if successful applicants will receive an offer of enrollment to join the 2023 ensemble. 

We ask actors to prepare a monologue of their choice, between 2 – 3 minutes. Auditions will be held in person at the studio with the Head of Acting, Iain Sinclair.

Following the audition, actors will have an interview with the Artistic Director, Kim Krejus.

Early offers will be made, and ensembles may be filled prior to 1 January 2022, we encourage early applications to ensure a place is available for you. 

The minimum age of entry is 18 years by the program start date.