The Studio

16th Street Actors Studio was founded by Artistic Director, Kim Krejus, through her desire to provide an environment for actors to develop technique, a work ethic and a respect for acting.

Kim has built a studio supported by Australia’s finest industry professionals and teachers who train actors in specific acting techniques devised by some of the greatest acting teachers of our time.

16th Street acknowledges the acting teachers who have been trailblazers. We are grateful for the legacy they have left us; we see the commonality between them and the inspiring differences that set them apart.

We have crafted intensive professional training programs for actors on a full time and part time basis, as well as offering ongoing training for professional actors through term classes and our Masterclasses and Workshop series. This series is delivered both face to face and online. Our training connects participants and auditors with prestigious theatre and film coaches from across the globe.

We teach and expose actors to a range of techniques in the craft of acting. We honour the uniqueness of these methodologies while valuing the commonality between them. These techniques have been developed by world-renowned master teachers in the craft of acting.

Each teacher who works at 16th Street has been extensively trained in these specific techniques or have worked with some of these masters directly in the dedication to their teaching practice.

To sustain a dynamic career we encourage actors to grow and be challenged. As such, we provide opportunities for professional actors to work with Australian and International master teachers and directors in intensive workshops and masterclasses.

We believe craft developed through integrated skills-based training builds a bridge between an actor’s talent and their humanity. And that well trained actors lay the foundation for their own success and artistic fulfilment.

16th Street is proud to bring this work to you.