Anthony Brandon Wong

Anthony Brandon Wong

“As a Certified Instructor of the Chubbuck Technique, Anthony is a brilliant, insightful, and gifted teacher. I fully endorse him as someone you can trust to help you reach your acting potential.”
– Ivana Chubbuck, creator of The Chubbuck Technique


Anthony has been teaching the Chubbuck Technique for 18 years at many prestigious studios both here and in America. His screen credits include Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, Guns Girls and Gambling opposite Gary Oldman and Christian Slater, Hemingway and Gellhorn opposite Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Glee, NCIS, The Unit, Crooked Business, All Saints, Home and Away, Samurai Girl, Mask of the Ninja and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His extensive stage credits include lead and major roles in productions for Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, Malthouse, Playbox, Victorian Arts Centre, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Urban Theatre Projects and One Extra Company. Anthony won the Victorian Green Room Best Actor Award for Sex Diary of an Infidel.


“I believe teaching acting is sacred, joyous, soul work. Actors bring their tender, vulnerable hearts to the process, so it’s imperative the classroom is a place of safety, love and respect, whilst also challenging the actor to stretch, go deeper, be braver and find more detail in their performances. I also believe there’s something to be learnt from every acting approach. My own teaching and acting is influenced by my training with Ivana Chubbuck, Larry Moss, Eric Morris, Rowena Balos and Elizabeth Kemp, among many others, and in the Meisner, Strasberg and Laban methods. An actor may find their connection to a character through using their own real life memories, a what if, or pure imagination. They can access it through the body, the voice or even the breath. It all can work. However, in this 2 day masterclass, the focus will be on the practical, effective tools of the Chubbuck Technique, and using these to empower actors to create performances that are passionate, emotionally connected, raw and believable, And while going deep, we can also remember that working on a role can be a delicious and profound journey of discovering more about oneself and our amazing world. I like to instil in actors that our most cherished dreams are indeed possible, when we get into alignment with our true self that loves and accepts us, and when we have the self-discipline to do the necessary ongoing work to develop and grow our craft to its highest potential.” – Anthony