“Acting, Community and important storytelling is being civilised and compassionate. 16th Street pursues and often achieves these ideals. It is a kind place. A place that is safe enough to explore great plays and Societies moral codes. Enter the Studio and you will feel it is a place of shared decency, hope and compassion. Let me repeat this is rare and a beacon in Australia and the world to the proper role and practice of Theatre.”

– Patsy Rodenburg

OBE UK Master Vocal Coach and Shakespeare specialist

“Kim Krejus is quite simply one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in the world of the Arts. Her studio, 16th St, is a beacon of light, attracting a wide range of gifted teachers, actors and artists. At the centre of all this is Kim, the reason why we all come. She combines a love of humanity with a big-hearted spiritual belief in the power of the arts. She trains a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds and she gives of herself with an egolessness that is so generous”

– Ian Rickson

UK Theatre Director (Broadway and The West End) and Previous Artistic Director at the Royal Court Theatre in London

“To be able to compete with the developments in the fine art of acting throughout the world, Australian actors and directors need the kinds of programs and personnel that Ms Krejus imports to train Australian actors. Arguably, there is no institution for training actors in Australia that is better than the work that is done here at 16th Street. Actors who have been trained under the careful scrutiny of Kim Krejus are the actors I will work with…”

“…Wherever I am directing film or theatre, I seek out graduates of 16th Street because I know they will deliver. Each actor who enlists in 16th Street for training is exposed to one of the most distinguished acting experiences possible on a world scale. This is what makes 16th Street Actors Studio the most vital and indispensable place for actors to achieve their best.”

– Nadia Tass

Award Winning Theatre and Film Director

“Kim Krejus, who I have known professionally and now personally for many years, is one of the most heartfelt, caring leaders I have had the pleasure of being connected with. Her studio, your premises, is a place where some of the world’s top actors, acting coaches, directors, writers, spiritual leaders etc. have visited to impart their wisdom. Kim has always served generously in sharing her talents, skills and network for the betterment of her students and the broader community. It is in the 16th Street Actors Studio where lives have been changed, discovered, unearthed.”

– Leora Givoni

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Kim Krejus and all of the teachers at 16th Street, empower their students to be their own unique, self-sufficient and dynamic instruments. Constantly searching for truth in the work is always of primary importance, and is reiterated in every moment during classes.”

– Kestie Morassi 

2013 Full Time Program Graduate – Lead Actress: Wolf Creek, Nominated for an AFI Award and for a Best Supporting Actor Award by the Film Critics Circle of Australia.


“Kim Krejus has developed the ideal training ground for actors. 16th Street Actors Studio is a place where one can both sharpen their artistry and skill,  while always being reminded to stay curious about humanity and the world around them. Here actors will learn the importance of specificity in performance and character, and that one absolute all great acting aspires to: the truth.”

– Jacob Collins-Levy

2012 Full Time Program Graduate – Lead Actor opposite Jody Comer in The White Princess (Netflix)

“I have been in numerous rehearsal rooms with Iain Sinclair over the last 20 years and he inspires actors to front up with fire in their bellies. Iain’s rehearsal room is full of passion, humour and fierce intelligence, creating honest work that best serves the writer. Affectionately known as the ‘actor whisperer’, this director is not afraid of actors. Working with Iain requires courage and a willingness to play in the shadowlands. He is not interested in vanity or artifice, only truth. The truth is what touches people. So if you want to learn from the best, work with Iain Sinclair at 16th Street Actors Studio”

– Anita Hegh

Actor: AFI Award – Best Supporting Actress in Television (MDA), Helpmann Award and Sydney Theatre Award (The Wild Duck: Belvoir Street Theatre), Sydney Theatre Award (The City: STC)

“Working with Iain Sinclair (Head of Acting) has been the closest I have ever come to real magic. He has the ability to conjure things within you that you didn’t know existed. His dedication to storytelling and his ability to generate electricity between you, your scene partner, and the audience is unmatchable. 16th Street actors are in the presence of greatness, with Iain at the helm. Do whatever you can to be in their Full-Time Program, he is a true master of his craft.

– Zoe Terakes

Winner of the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Newcomer (A View From the Bridge: directed by Iain Sinclair)

“I am so proud to be the Patron of the exemplary 16th Street Actors Studio in Melbourne, Australia. I have had the great honour of knowing Artistic Director Kim Krejus for many years. Kim has created a studio from her boundless passion for the craft of acting and the support of actors in training. Actors who have spent time with Kim and at the studio will always be better artists for the experience”

– Deborra-Lee Furness

Award winning Actor, Director & Patron of 16th Street Actors Studio