Terms & Conditions

Masterclasses, Workshops & Term Classes

  1. Fees are due as follows:Masterclasses:
    50% upon acceptance; remainder upon commencement.
    Workshops & Term Classes: payment in full upon acceptance.
  2. Participants are liable to pay the total amount of the Masterclass, Workshop or Term Class regardless of non-attendance, illness or change of mind once course has commenced.
  3. No refunds are offered on deposits or payments for Masterclasses, Workshops or Term Classes.
  4. Participation in any 16th Street course is predicated on payment.

Full Time and Part Time Programs

  1. A 10% deposit is payable upon acceptance of your place in the program. This deposit will form part of your total fees.
  2. Fees can be paid in full upon acceptance (a discounted lump sum) OR per term within the program, due one-week prior the start of each term.
  3. Refund of deposit or fees may be granted if you withdraw within 7 days prior to commencement of the program. No refunds applicable upon commencement of the program.
  4. Further Terms & Conditions will apply within an Actors Agreement for students accepted into the program.

In circumstances of financial difficulty 16th Street Actors Studio will consult with you to provide a payment plan or alternate terms where possible without guarantee.

In exceptional circumstances of personal difficulty or illness 16th Street will endeavor to accommodate the needs of its students and participants with sensitivity and discretion.

Private Coaching & Studio Hire

Any booking cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time is liable for 50% payment for Private Coaching session or Studio Hire booking.