FAQs and Policy Information

General FAQS

What technique or techniques do you teach?

At 16th Street, we employ specialist teachers across many different approaches and techniques in order to give Australian actors the most cutting edge and comprehensive actor training. As every actor is unique, we don’t believe there is only one approach to the craft of acting. To support each individual actor’s access point into the work, we offer a variety of techniques utilising different approaches to the craft of acting (principally the work of Lee Strasberg, Susan Batson, Uta Hagen, Ivana Chubbuck, Meisner, Michael Chekhov and Stella Adler).

What makes your Programs and Courses different?

We have sourced – from Australia and beyond – the finest teachers in their specific disciplines. We believe in excellence in training and also aim to provide actors with access to existing industry professionals, who not only teach, but also work in their craft as actors, directors, filmmakers, writers and technicians across all platforms and media.

I am an actor of considerable professional experience. Do you provide classes for me?

Yes. 16th Street is committed to supporting working actors. Our classes are designed with this in mind, where you can be challenged and inspired, in a creative and supportive environment. We are very mindful in our selection procedures to ensure a sophisticated learning environment.

Do you provide classes/courses for beginners?

Yes. We offer technique courses, acting essentials for talented beginners and actors looking for formal training. 

The term classes are designed to give you the opportunity to hone your craft in a class or a series of classes every term.

Do you offer any classes for children or teenagers?

Yes. We run a very successful and well established weekend Youth Programs, with age-appropriate classes for ages 11-17+ . Throughout the year, there are additional training opportunities for youth actors through technique courses and workshops.

How do I know what course is right for me?

We welcome you to contact the studio for a discussion with Kim Krejus, our Artistic Director or our admissions team who will provide insight about what class or classes we believe are most appropriate and beneficial for you at your stage of development.

How old do I need to be to apply for Programs and Classes at 16th Street?

Actors must be at least 18 years of age to commence training at 16th Street. School leavers who will be 18 years of age at the commencement of the class are welcome to audition. However, please note that our Programs and Classes are intensive and do require a high level of commitment and emotional maturity.

What is your application process?

All of our Programs and Classes require you to complete an online application form. Depending on the course requirements further interviews, materials and/or auditions may be required. Please check the course page for further information.

What are the typical class sizes?

Class sizes vary across our Programs and Classes.

How are places in courses selected?

Selection in our courses are at the discretion of our Artistic Director, Kim Krejus, Head of Acting, Iain Sinclair, and/or the course professional. Many factors are taken into consideration, including the experience level of the ensemble and scene pairings. We’re always happy to discuss your application. If you’re an actor, but new to the studio, we may suggest an introductory course as a way to familiarise yourself with the studio and our approach.

Do you have a detailed outline for your Programs and Classes?

More detailed information regarding our Programs and Classes is available on this website. Simply click the appropriate heading under Training on the Home Page.

What material do you use for scene work?

We take a good deal of time sourcing a breadth of well-written material from theatre and screen, and specifically cast our actors in roles that compliment and challenge them artistically. Our actors work in-depth on the material with detailed critique from our tutors to keep advancing their craft.

Can anyone apply for international Masterclasses?

Our Masterclasses are designed to provide professional development for trained and experienced actors. Anyone is welcome to apply, however, we receive many applications for these programs and therefore the selection process is competitive. It is for the benefit of all involved to have the greatest level of experience ‘on the stage’ to ensure a truly inspiring learning experience. This selection process therefore means auditors have the experience of watching accomplished actors work with world-renowned teachers.

What is auditing?

The term auditing refers to the ability for actors, writers and directors to sit-in as audience members on some of our Workshops and Masterclasses. Much learning occurs from observation, and we encourage actors to audit our Masterclasses to learn not only from these teachers, but also from the experience and know-how of the actors working through the process. Many actors in the United States audit acting classes as an opportunity to improve their acting craft and gain a thorough insight into an acting technique. Auditing is not simply an act of watching performers’ work but rather an active process in which fellow actors experience and learn a technique through observation and analysis.

Do you have any classes in other capital cities across Australia?

Most classes are run from our studio in Melbourne however we may offer interstate and online opportunities. Please join our mailing list to be updated with any classes or masterclasses that may be coming to your area.

Are your fees competitive with other training institutions?

Yes. If you break down our classes to an hourly rate, you will find they are competitive. We believe in quality actor training. Our point of difference to other institutions is outlined in the question above.

Expectations in the classroom

What are the expectations for rehearsal and homework?

Actors are expected to rehearse with their scene partner (for technique courses, usually once a week either via zoom or in-person) as well as working on preparatory homework and research.

What happens if I have an absent or less committed scene partner?

If you have a scene partner who is not displaying the level of commitment required, we encourage you to speak to the office or your teacher to voice your concerns.

Code of Conduct

16th Street is committed to creating a collaborative and respectful environment. Actors are responsible for their personal behaviour. As such, 16th Street expects you to:

● Behave respectfully and with integrity towards your ensemble members, teachers and staff

● Act with care in your work and with your fellow actors

● 16th Street has a zero policy towards bullying or sexual harassment

Cancellation Policy

By enrolling in and or/attending a Program or a course, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

What happens once a course or program has commenced?

If you miss a class, a credit or refund is not applicable, nor is attending a replacement class. If 16th Street needs to cancel a program or course, a full refund, credit or transfer to another course will be offered. We accept no liability for any other costs inclusive of travel. 

Cancellations for technique courses received up to and including 14 days before the commencement of the course will be eligible for a full refund or credit note. If you need to withdraw from a course within 14 days of the commencement of the course there will be a 50% cancellation fee. Special circumstances may be considered at the discretion of 16th Street Actors Studio Artistic Director.

The cancellation window for a program (e.g. Full Time, American Way), Masterclass or Workshop differs for more information on the specific terms, please email admin@16thstreet.com.au.

Cancellation policy 

If in the rare instance, we have to change or cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances such as teacher sickness or unavailability. In this circumstance, we will do our best to find a new time to accommodate everyone. Please note this may mean moving a studio class online, and/or cancelling the class and providing a refund or credit at the discretion of the studio. 

What happens if I have a professional commitment during the Term Class or Program?

We encourage all actors to gain professional experience where possible, however, once you have accepted a place in one of our classes or programs, we may not be able to offer a refund as per our cancellation policy. Please consider this when applying for a course or program. Many of our current students balance professional work and their training commitments and we often accommodate these students where possible. If you’re unsure please contact us to discuss further.