16th Street Open Academy: The Grove, A Sanctuary for the Liberal Arts.

16th Street Open Academy

The Grove, A Sanctuary for the Liberal Arts.

Ancient Wisdom. Contemporary Mastery. Future Fitness.


16th Street Actors Studio is delighted to announce the launch of a new Liberal Arts program free and openly available to all actors, artists and the public:


POSTPONEMENT: Tonight’s Event ‘The Grove: The Art of Conversation’ has been cancelled. 
Due to circumstances within the 16th Street team, we have decided to postpone tonight’s event. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


The Grove

In a time when Liberal Arts education is being abandoned by institutions the world over, 16th Street, with the generous support of The MaiTri Foundation will provide a small sanctuary for actors, artists and the public to explore our shared humanity and heritage – free of charge.

The 16th Street Liberal Arts Open Program will begin with a focus on the classical world and then branch out into practical explorations of humanity’s subsequent advances in art, philosophy and science through the lens of dramatic art.

The Grove will take the form of fortnightly lectures, seminars and workshops on various topics

All members of the 16th Street community and beyond are warmly invited to join in.


The Grove program 2022:

Rhetoric and The Art of Persuasion

Practical training in Rhetoric. The ancient art of persuasion. Experience the ancient techniques employed by great speakers, writers and dramatists for thousands of years then use them yourselves.

2 Sessions 2hrs each

The Art of Disagreement

Have you noticed that some conversations are becoming harder and harder to have? Do you feel like you have to have a private and a public self?. Focussing on the proven mechanics of The Socratic Method we will discover how its enduring principles can be effectively employed right now. Learn how to rekindle difficult conversations, get closer to the truth and to each other. This workshop will help you to have those impossible conversations and to respect the opinions of others … especially when you disagree!

1 Sessions 2hrs 

The Art of Conversation

Restrictive new forces have entered the arts, education and politics. Conversations are being silenced instead of added. Divisiveness and conflict is everywhere. These social forces have not simply popped up out of nowhere, there is “a spear with a shaft over a hundred years long”. This course will help everyday people apprehend the origins of the new ideologies, to understand their methods, decode the language games and perhaps even ward off danger. 

Expecto Patronem!

2 Session 2hrs each


Whenever humanity has undergone a cognitive revolution – actors and artists have always been there to help make sense of it all.


Come and join us in The Grove.

“Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring” – Alexander Pope


Joining The Grove

There will be 6 Sessions held fortnightly on Thursday nights from 30th June to 1st September, 6.30-8.00 pm.


You are welcome to attend ‘The Grove’ in the studio as a participant or auditor.

Auditors are invited to attend the sessions in the studio and be a part of The Grove live!

Participants will be required to prepare for the session and will be selected prior to each session.

Participants will need to be willing to learn small amounts of text before the sessions, to perform in front of the group. Some performance experience is recommended.
– For The Rhetoric Session acting ability is preferred. 8 pax
– For Impossible conversations, it would be great to invite anyone willing to converse about a controversial topic.
– For Defense Against the Dark Arts – there is no participation for the first session.