The Depths: Scene Study with Kim Krejus


The Depths: Scene Study with Kim Krejus

an advanced acting course in our Melbourne Studio


How do you truly embody a character’s circumstances? What does it take to be alive to the moment that is right in front of you? To actively pursue your character’s objective, whilst being vulnerable to the effect your acting partner has on you? The Tri-Ad of acting is the pursuit of human needs and wants, having the willpower power to overcome obstacles and being in action to achieve those desires. It is not what we feel but what we do, that reveals who we are.

This is a scene ‘process’ acting course in Melbourne. Designed to explore the simple, yet profound 6 Steps of Uta Hagen’s legendary Technique that evolved out of her work at New York’s HB Studio. Uta Hagen articulated her approach to acting in her two seminal acting books, Respect for Acting and Challenge to the Actor.



Participants will be assigned a scene (and a play) and preparation to do before the class begins.

Over the course of 6 weeks, actors will discover how to apply Uta Hagen’s technique through scene work.

Actors will unlock their creative ability to deeply identify with the character’s circumstances and discover the joy of being in play when the stakes are high and the choices are specific and the preparation is detailed.



Kim Krejus is the Founder and Artistic Director of 16th Street Actors Studio, Melbourne. She trained with Uta Hagen, Sandy Dennis and Carole Rosenfeld at HB Studio, NYC. She received a Churchill Fellowship to complete her graduate studies at The Drama Centre, London. Kim has worked at many of the major drama schools in Australia and has taught acting for almost 30 years.



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Dates: 5 August – 9 September

Class: Fridays from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Location: 16th Street Actors Studio

Fee: $495 (in GST)

Application: Due to the preparation work, applications for this course will close on the 22nd of July.

Suitable for actors with preliminary training. Places are limited.


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