The American Way: Professional Actors Program


The American Way Professional
Actors Program 2023.


16th Street Actors Studio is back with our unique 10-week intensive program providing actors with a spearhead into the US market. 

Think, speak and act The American Way. 

World-class experts in American dramatic culture will equip participants with specialist knowledge and the necessary skills, mindset and cultural understanding to integrate with Americans at work so that they can successfully act in America and within American projects.

The American Way program will be highly competitive and is geared towards highly skilled and talented artists who feel that what they need is that extra final push.



  • Intensive scene work beginning with classic American drama moving through influential screenplays and culminating in acting in brand new television and screenwriting. 
  • Advanced screen training for the American market.
  • Classes in culture, mythology and archetypes, unique to the US mindset.
  • Exposure to the best in the industry in the form of mentorships, meetings and seminars with casting agents, actors and directors already successful in the US.



Iain Sinclair: Mainstage director, dramaturg and US culture specialist.

Jason Raftopoulos: Australian film director highly experienced in cinematic acting. 

Matt Furlani: Dialect and voice coach specialising in accent preparation. 


Miranda Harcourt: Leading international acting coach for film & television. 

Margie Haber: Top Hollywood Audition and Acting coach.

Read more about our guest teachers…
Joining the program as guest teachers this year are leading international Acting Coach and Director, Miranda Harcourt (latest credits include rehearsal coach for FOE starring Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal, Aaron Pierre and Directed by Garth Davis) and Top Hollywood Audition and Acting Coach, Margie Haber (past clients include Brad Pitt, Tiffany Haddish, Halle Berry & Vince Vaughn).



We have an incredible team providing industry insight, guidance, feedback and more to the ensemble. Joining our 2023 program as guest mentors are leading international director and acting coach LARRY MOSS (Helen Hunt, Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Garner, David Duchovny, and Tea Leoni), Vice President of Casting at Paramount DEB AQUILA, Acclaimed Casting Director KIRSTY MCGREGOR (Animal Kingdom, Lion, Babyteeth) and cherished Australian actor with an incredible international career and many well-known credits.



  • All participants will finish the course with a minimum of 3 self-tape-ready and worthy, professionally directed American-based scenes. Which will be extensively worked on by a leading stage director, film director, acting coaches and American dialect expert.
  • Deliverable screen tests and showreel material, coached, directed and vetted by leading experts ready for presentation.
  • 3 closely trained US dialects (East Coast, West Coast and a regional specialty).



The American Way is ideal for graduates and professional actors looking to expand their acting techniques and ability further. Spaces will be limited and standards will be high for this unique specialist program.

Selection will be based on the submission of a US scene or monologue and a professional CV.

All our courses and programs are for ages 18+, if you’re under 18 please look at our youth programs or email our admissions team for training opportunities.