The American Way: Professional Postgraduate Program



The American Way, Postgraduate Program


A new 16th Street Professional Postgraduate Program – The American Way

16th Street Actors Studio is delighted to launch a unique 12 week intensive program providing actors with a spearhead into the US market to successfully act in America. 

Think, speak and act the American way. 

World class experts in American dramatic culture will equip actors with specialist knowledge and the necessary skills, mindset and cultural understanding to integrate with Americans at work. 

The American Postgraduate program will be highly competitive and is geared towards highly skilled and talented artists who feel that what they need is that extra final push.

Spaces will be limited and standards will be high for this unique specialist program. 

Course Outline: 

  • Intensive scene work beginning with classic American drama moving through influential screenplays and culminating in acting in brand new television and screenwriting.
  • Advanced screen training for the American market.
  • Exposure to the best in the industry in the form of mentorships, meetings and seminars with casting agents, actors and directors already successful in the US.

Course Outcomes: 

  • All participants will finish the course with: 2 classic American, 2 significant film scenes and 2 newly minted scenes that have been extensively worked on by a leading stage director, film director, acting coaches and American dialect expert.
  • Deliverable screen tests and showreel material, coached, directed and vetted by leading experts ready for presentation.
  • 3 closely trained US dialects (East Coast, West Coast and a regional specialty).
  • A deepened understanding of the underlying assumptions, professional standards, rehearsal etiquette and expectations in the US.
  • A significantly sharpened spearhead to penetrate the American acting market.


Lead Professionals:

Iain Sinclair : Mainstage director dramaturg and US culture specialist.

Paul Currie : International film producer and director highly experienced in the US film industry.

Les Chantery : World leading expert in the art of screen testing with a deep specialty in the US market.

Application Process: Applications are now closed

Actors must submit an application followed by a self-tape of an American monologue or scene.

APPLICATIONS & SELF-TAPES Closed on AUGUST 18TH – If you’re interested in future programs, please subscribe to our mailing list.


Scholarship Opportunity:

We are proud to offer a unique scholarship opportunity, which will be awarded retrospectively to an actor who has gone beyond the mark of excellence, the scholarship will cover the full tuition fee. This will be decided at the end of the course by the 16th Street Heads of Department.