Self-Tape Bootcamp with Sancia Robinson


Super charge your self taping, in this 4-week acting course. 

Are you ready to jump into our self-taping acting course with Sancia?

Creating a self-tape library enables your agent and casting directors to show directors and producers what you are capable of. Taping regularly gives you an opportunity to improve your onscreen technique. The more you practice, the better you become. We are thrilled to announce that one of our most in demand 16th Street acting coaches, Sancia Robinson, is bringing this 4-week course on how to excel and deliver first-rate self-tapes. 

The best thing you can do for your career and financial wellbeing is to become professionally and self-sufficiently skilled in the artful technique of self-taping.  

“Sancia is a total talent. Her ability to spot talent, and develop clear communication and trust is second to none. A true professional, always over delivering.” – Kylie Washington, BBC Studios Director of Production Aust


About the course

A note from Sancia Robinson,

When I asked my producer friends what they were looking for in self tapes across the board it was LAYERS.

It was the person that was delivering deeply connected work that held their attention and helped them book the job.

My goal with this four week course is to give you tools to help you achieve these layers so the work will be deeply embedded in your body. To take you away from a superficial interpretation of the work and guide you towards connecting into your truth, as well as the truth of the writer and the story. But I also want to help you fall in love with the process of acting again. To surrender to taking however Long it takes to make the work come to life.

I think so many of us get caught up in outcomes and we forget that it’s the joy of creation, and connection that made us fall in love with acting in the first place, so we’re gonna be digging deep into connecting with the work, the audience our heart and our love of words.

To help us remember that the reward of the work is the work itself and of course we will as always – connect in with our deep and abiding respect for specificity.


Sancia Robinson 

Besides being one of Melbourne’s most sought-after teachers, Sancia sports many different hats: being a trained NIDA actor and teacher, a TV producer, radio show host, casting producer, director and published author.  

Her producing and casting work includes the Logie Award winning documentary series ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’, comedian Luke McGregor’s comedy drama ‘Luke Warm Sex’, SBS comedy ‘Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever’, ‘Spicks and Specs’, ‘Thank God You’re Here’ (just to squeeze in a few); she has also casted for Blackfella Films, is currently working on a development with Matchbox Pictures and has been named “the first person you call when you’re building a TV show,” by ABC’s Head of Comedy. 

She has toured internationally with her most notable, one-woman show “What is the Matter with Mary Jane?” and has both co-wrote and directed the recent full season sellout ‘Five Starts out of five – kill to get a ticket’. 

Sancia gives you a toolbox of skills to have emotional flow in performance when it’s not always readily available – so you can have the confidence to deliver that solid performance every single time!

“Sancia is always the first person I ask to be my casting director. Her instincts in providing a great mix or people that work well together on a panel is second to none. Her passion in finding new talent as well as people from diverse backgrounds is vital. And her ability in keeping talent happy through long and often tedious days is essential.” – Anthony Watt, Executive Producer – ABC TV (Spicks and Specks)


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“Sancia backs talent completely and will invest a huge amount of her energy to sure they have everything they need to convert their opportunities. ” Susie Jones – Commissioning Editor SBS documentaries