Mindset for Success with Anthony Brandon Wong



In this four-week course ‘Mindset for Success,’ Anthony Brandon Wong (one of Australia’s most esteemed acting coaches) will guide artists through a series of explorations, to develop the mindset that will set them up for professional and personal success.

At 16th Street, we believe that as an actor, your mindset plays a crucial role in the ability to execute your work with joy and purpose and to ensure well-being in your personal life.

We have seen again and again how WITH actors and other creatives AN ongoing EMPOWERED mindset is the key to not only the results they achieve or don’t achieve but to their overall mental and emotional well-being and happiness.

Anthony Brandon Wong, one of Australia’s most respected actors, will share some of the methods and tools that he has learnt and practised over the course of his career and passed onto thousands of students over 37 years working internationally in film, television and theatre and his 27 years as an acting teacher and coach.

Anthony understands the struggle that many actors go through. Throughout his career, Anthony has experienced first-hand that a positive and creative mindset can make or break an actor’s career. And that too often actors fall prey to negative and self-destructive beliefs that go unchallenged. In the face of setbacks or rejection, it is important to cultivate a strong sense of self and develop positive habits that nurture one’s artistic growth.

By developing positive internal narratives, we can step forward into our work and the industry without fear of limiting our choices or opportunities. And embrace the wisdom, compassion and resilience that lives inside us as human beings.


“I have seen these tools produce outstanding results in both the careers and lives of my students.” – Anthony Brandon Wong


In this course we cover:

  • The power of meditation
  • Using daily affirmations
  • Aligning with our natural core of abundance, joy and confidence
  • Identifying our internal stories about ourselves, our creativity and the arts industry and assessing whether these empower or disempower us
  • Choosing narratives that support us in our dreams and happiness
  • Developing positive habits of mind and action
  • How to cultivate a better-feeling story that leads to a more fulfilling reality.


Course Facilitator:

ANTHONY BRANDON WONG is a multi-award winning and nominated actor whose film credits include The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, The Invisible Man, Haywire, Guns, Girls and Gambling, Flight of the Phoenix, Sequin in a Blue Room, Thicker than Water, Floating Life and Crooked Business. Click for more information on Anthony 



This course is not a replacement for therapy and Anthony Brandon Wong is not a mental health professional. This is simply an opportunity for creatives to come together to learn and practice some tools that can enhance mental well-being and to create an ongoing mindset that supports success, happiness and gratitude.