Match Fit with Iain Sinclair


This renowned 6-week course ‘Match Fit’ is our most popular training for the professional actor. Iain focuses on the widest range of preparation and interpretation needed to hold your own and keep your dignity in professional redirection.

Iain will guide and direct you to expand your vision of the scene and the range of choices available to you as an actor to realise the writer’s intention. The course focuses on:

  • the rehearsal process
  • 5-points of story 
  • training in redirection, and 
  • floor work and adjustments.

Iain Sinclair is recognised as one of Australia’s finest theatre directors, and the actors he directs are consistently honoured for their performances in award season.

Iain will be suggesting plays and scene pairings based on what he believes will best serve you. If Iain is not familiar with your work providing a showreel or self-tapes will assist with these offerings.

Being one of our most popular courses, there is often a waitlist. If you have applied in previous years, please re-confirm your interest for 2024 by using the application form.

Auditing Tickets

The final 2 sessions are open to auditors (watch, learn, take notes and feel inspired) – come and watch Iain work scenes with a group of actors and learn what 16th Street is all about.

Bookings essential via the above ‘Auditing Tickets’ link.

16th Street’s Match Fit is a core offering of the studio. It is ideal for professional actors and graduates, who wish to fine-tune their craft in a professional rehearsal setting. Please note, that this course is open to auditors for the final two sessions. Class placement is at the discretion of the studio admissions and Head of Acting and typically has a waitlist.

All our courses and programs are for ages 18+, if you’re under 18 please look at our youth programs or email our admissions team for training opportunities.