Make Your Own F***ing Work with Andrew Henry


‘Idea to opening night’ with acclaimed producer Andrew Henry

Producing independent theatre from start to finish requires a combination of entrepreneurial passion, creativity, organisation and business know-how. Acclaimed producer and actor Andrew Henry knows this all too well. Andrew, originally from Lithgow, returned to Australia from Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre with a dream – to bring and be in the best theatre in Sydney. Andrew has produced over 200 plays to date with his most recent at the Sydney Opera House. 

Learn how Andrew’s tenacity took his production company from just over a 50 seat theatre at the Old Fitz pub in Woolloomooloo to a 2,000 seat venue at the Sydney Opera House last December, when he produced Amadeus with actor, Michael Sheen.   

An incredible opportunity to gain insights and firsthand experience in the world of independent theatre: 

  • Approach budgeting, contracts and casting confidently.
  • Learn how to source funding for your show.
  • Uncover how to effectively market your show to audiences.
  • Learn the key tools for networking and building relationships.
  • Understand how producing your own work can help you build a sustainable career as an actor and artist.

“For Red Line it’s like going from the small suburban theatre in which the Magic Flute was first performed to the grand opera houses in which it is performed now.”
– The Australian

So often as actors and artists, we hear the best way to get credits and be seen is to “make your own work.” But how do we do this and where do we start?! Well, join us in-studio for a 2-day workshop as Andrew takes us through the steps to ‘‘Make your own F***ing work’.



The workshop covers topics such as creativity, production logistics organisation, funding, budget management, marketing/media and how to harness your willpower to make dreams a reality. 

The objective of the workshop is to equip artists with the skills and knowledge needed to create their own exciting work, which is often considered an important way to gain credits in the industry.

A fantastic opportunity to gain an understanding as an artist and actor of how independent theatre works and the decisions, including casting and auditions.



Andrew Henry is the co-founder of Red Line Productions, whose credits include the incredibly successful production of Amadeus with Michael Sheen at the Sydney Opera House. Andrew has a background as an award-winning theatre and screen actor and as an alumni from the School at Steppenwolf.

In 2021, Andrew notably cast Rose Byrne in a global world first, read more here in what Andrew “ helpfully suggested that this event surely could be considered his theatre company’s Broadway debut.” 

Learn more about Red Line Productions and their philosophy

Learn more about Red Line Productions and their philosophy


“This is a superb production (Amadeus) from Red Line Productions, who manage the transition from their usual cosy environs of the Old Fitz to the Concert Hall with aplomb. If you make this your first show of 2023, you’ll be giving the rest of the year a lot to live up to.”
– Timeout ★★★★★


“Andrew Henry, whose award-winning company has produced some of the biggest local successes of the past few years, including A View from the Bridge, (directed by Iain Sinclair) The Wolves and this year’s Sydney Festival hit Betty Blokk-buster Reimagined.”
– Broadsheet 


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