Tackling intimacy in scene with Michala Banas

Tackling intimacy in scene; an exploration for actors.

Navigating intimacy content for stage and screen with Michala Banas


2-day Intensive Training with Michala Banas

Across 2 days, actor and Intimacy coordinator, Michala Banas, will take actors through various processes and approaches for tackling intimate content.

From assessing the script to working physically, scene study will be taken to another level. This workshop will be a thorough exploration of further detailing characters through the creation of realistic and safe intimate scenes.


Michala Banas Intimacy Coordinator


‘The role of the Intimacy Coordinator is to support the production by providing a safe, professional environment and clear structure and process for the choreography of intimate content. In the same way a stunt coordinator is engaged to realise a scene with physical risk, the Intimacy Coordinator (IC) is engaged to realise a creative, repeatable, and safe intimate scene.

Our process integrates into the work-flow of a production to ensure continuity and alignment with the production’s goals.’


What can I expect from the weekend?

“When I was a young actor, I always used humour to get through any intimate content I had to perform.

This is because those moments were generally left to the actors to navigate themselves, as we often didn’t have the proper support or guidance. Now that we have the benefit of Intimacy Coordinators in our rehearsal spaces and on our sets, actors can now explore intimate content in character safely, whilst having their personal boundaries respected.

This weekend worskshop will look at various ways to clearly and safely approach intimate content with the right support and approach (whether you have an Intimacy Coordinator on a production or not) so you can delve further into character physically and emotionally. Please know, this is not a course where I will be teaching ‘how to become an Intimacy Coordinator’, this is an exploration for actors.

That said, this isn’t simply a ‘how-to’ when it comes to navigating intimacy in a scene, this is also a practical workshop for all actors who want to delve further into character physicalisation.

I will bring my 40 years of professional acting experience into the room, as well as my training and work as an Intimacy Coordinator, so it will be safe, relaxed and fun! I look forward to working with you.” From Michala


What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

‘An Intimacy Coordinator is the title given to an individual who has been trained and specialises in working on scenes or moments of intimacy for film, television, and theatre productions. An Intimacy Coordinator is:

  • A movement choreographer.

  • A liaison between actors, director, and production.

  • An advocate for the well-being of the performer in regards to intimate scenes.

They are someone who works with the director, creatives, and actors to ensure that any scenes that require a certain level of intimacy are done so safely and respectfully, with everyone’s comfort levels and consent being addressed.


What is an Intimacy Coordinator going to do?

  • Risk assess scripts and consult with productions in determining scenes that contain intimate content/moments, and advise on best practice to facilitate the creation of those scenes.

  • Create a safe workspace by offering processes in which to gain clear consent and set boundaries between performers.

  • Ensure a shared understanding of language and physicality before rehearsal/filming/performance commences.

  • Will be present during rehearsals and filming of intimate content to support specific and clear communication between the director and actors.

  • Provide specialised movement / choreographic input into the intimate moments of a scene to help serve the director’s creative and artistic vision.


‘Michala’s professional acting career spans over 30 years, having made her on-screen debut as a child in the New Zealand feature film Dangerous Orphans. Ever since she has bounced from role to role appearing on screens at home and over the ditch. In 2001, she landed the role of core cast member Kate Manfredi in the popular Aussie drama series McLeod’s Daughter. Her other notable television credits include Always Greener, Winners & Losers, and more recently, Bad Mothers. On the big screen Michala has starred in international films such as Scooby-Doo: Spooky Island, Ned, and Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows.’ – Johnson & Laird

Intimacy coordinating credits include Home, I’m Darling! MTC, Clickbait Netflix, FAUST Opera Australia, Run Rabbit Run starring Sarah Snooks and is currently working with Saorise Ronan on Foe, currently filming in VIC.



Dates: 21 – 22 May 2022

Class: Saturday & Sunday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Location: 16th Street Actors Studio

Fee: $450 + GST ($495)

Places are limited.


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