In Scene with Harry Haynes


Unleash your acting with director and acting coach Harry Haynes in this 6-week scene study course.  Through this work, you, the actor, will be in a constant state of collaboration with the director, your scene partner and the playwright. 

Harry will guide you through his process, inspired by Stankislavsky’s Active Analysis and Yat Malmgrens Movement Psychology. This work is a must for anyone looking to increase their castability, strengthen their professional rehearsal toolkit and deepen the connection between their inner lives and outer actions.

“In my 10 years at the Drama Centre as the principal teacher of Character Analysis, Harry stands out as one of very few actors to have grasped this work to such a level. His enthusiasm for the work and his natural inclination to share his knowledge and experience make for a natural teacher.” 

– Tim Robins former head of character analysis Drama Centre London and NIDA


  • A crafted and dynamic scene directed by Harry Haynes.
  • A scene study process that is active, spontaneous and autonomous.
  • A stronger understanding of the director’s role in the actor’s process and how to work with direction and feedback.
  • A new approach to investigating the text and finding your way to the character.
  • A stronger sense of autonomy as an actor; taking ownership of your process.

Harry Haynes

Harry Haynes is a Melbourne-based director, educator and researcher. Born in London and raised in Spain he trained at the renowned Drama Centre London. Harry has previously taught at the Drama Centre London, alongside directing many notable productions including at The National Theatre (Julius Caesar 2020, The Changeling 2021), MeatMarket (Woyzeck + Marie 2019), Brunswick Mechanics Institute (Eros and Agape 2021), Siteworks (Electra).

In 2018, he founded ‘The Liminal Space’ a theatre company, whose aim is to create and present narrative storytelling that speaks to (and is informed by) the physical and social communities in which it operates (orbits).



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This course is ideal for graduates and professional actors. Rehearsals outside of course time are encouraged. 

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