Epic Acting : Auditioning for Sci-Fi & Fantasy


A New Epic Acting Intensive with Iain Sinclair, Lyndall Grant & Les Chantery


A groundbreaking, industry-relevant intensive designed specifically for the working actor.

Genre is key today on screen. The next wave in casting is in fantasy and sci-fi. 

To book the job, you need to be able to demonstrate an ability to enter very specific worlds with specific performance styles.

The Sci-fi/Fantasy genre is unique. There are different planets, time zones, species and civilizations that influence performance. What is needed for Guardians of the Galaxy may be different to what is needed for The Game of Thrones. 

World-class experts will equip you with the skills in epic acting to play ‘heroes and gods’, to meet the demands of green screen and demonstrate that you are trainable in the exciting aspect of screen combat in auditions.

You will finish the course ready to showcase your epic acting on screen.  

What to expect

  • Intensive scene work and monologue training for epic roles directed by Iain Sinclair (RADA and King’s College masters graduate, dramaturg and classical acting specialist).
  • Physical Combat training with Australia’s leading combat choreographer Lyndall Grant (MTC, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child).
  • An intensive in screen auditioning for this heightened genre with renowned acting coach Les Chantery. 
  • Loads of floor work: practical, on the job, in scene training.
  • Weekly seminars in heroic performance, psychology and history.


What you’ll gain

  • Professionally directed genre scenes and monologues ready to tape.  
  • Combat experience to prove that you are trainable in fight choreography. 
  • Cutting edge screen audition skills with a focus on genre.
  • An understanding of the demands of green screen.
  • Facilities for shooting freshly directed performance to tape.
  • An in house showing of your work open to industry and the public.
  • Self tapes shared with leading theatre and television professionals.


Lead Professionals

Iain Sinclair: Award-winning mainstage director, text and performance specialist. RADA and Kings College London Masters graduate.


Lyndall Grant: Australia’s leading stage combat specialist, performance & motion capture artist and fight director. Credits include Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, and Melbourne Theatre Company.


Les Chantery: World-leading expert in the art of screen testing with a deep specialty in the US market. Actors he has trained include Jacob Elordi, Uli Latukefu, Darcey Irwin-Simpson & Joel Jackson. Read their testimonials here.

Submission Process

We invite you to apply for this specialist course HERE.

Please submit your current showreel or demo reel and resume with your application. 

Class size is intimate for this course and is designed for working actors. 


Early offers will be made to qualified applicants.