Authenticity on screen with director Jason Raftopoulos

Authenticity on screen | Feature film scene work with award-winning director Jason Raftopoulos

Dive deep into the world of film acting with internationally acclaimed director and writer Jason Raftopoulous. Designed to challenge the actor, this 6-week course will focus on the importance of authenticity and delivering raw and honest performances on camera. 

This course is set to be a joy for actors looking to work closely with a director on channelling their emotional depths in rehearsal and on the screen.  

“Jason encouraged me to push past my habits as an actor, which led me to major breakthroughs. His teaching was simple and straightforward and allowed me to dig deeper than I had ever before.” 

Jason Raftopoulos is an award-winning director with an impressive list of credits. His feature film, West of Sunshine, (which featured 16th Street alumni) premiered In Competition (Orizzonti) at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in 2017, which garnered Jason nominations for both “The Golden Lion of the Future” award and for “Best Film”. 

His most recent feature, Voices in Deep shot in Greece is currently in post-production. Voices in Deep tells the story of Bobby (Hannah Sims, 16th Street Alumni), an Australian volunteer, and two orphaned refugees, Tarek (Christos Karavevas) and Zaeed (Michael Hilane), as they fight to survive in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis.



“Authenticity drives all my choices and eliciting honest performances from actors and non-actors was key in the film.  My job is ultimately to create an environment on set where actors could live unencumbered, regardless of the difficulties of the shoot.” – Jason Raftopoulos

    • Gain a stronger understanding of the director’s role in the actor’s process and how to work with direction and feedback.
    • Explore new techniques for conveying meaning and emotion through physicality, reactions, and subtext.
    • Develop practical skills for working with film scripts. 
    • Understand the technicalities of being in front of the camera. 

Jason’s approach to directing was so truthful and refreshing, it changed the way I approached acting. There’s a purpose and a reason for everything he did. He is passionate about his craft and strives to bring out only the authentic truth in his actors.”

Jason Raftopoulos

Jason is an award-winning director; his feature film West of Sunshine premiered In Competition (Orizzonti) at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in 2017, garnering Jason nominations for both ‘The Golden Lion of the Future’ award and for ‘Best Film’ as well as winning Best Director at the Barcelona International Film Festival and the ‘Jury Grand Prix’ Award for Best Film for West of Sunshine at the Festival des Antipodes in Saint Tropez.  In 2018 Jason received nominations from the Australian Directors Guild, the Australian Film Critics Association as well as the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA).


16th Street’s courses provide actors with opportunities to hone their craft in celebrated techniques with leading professionals. We work alongside master teachers and highly trained acting specialists to deliver these unique courses at our Melbourne studio.

This course is ideal for graduates and professional actors. 

Applicants must provide a current CV and Showreel to be considered for this course. 

Please note, scenes will not be recorded in class.