Acting Essentials: Module 3


In this 8-week acting essentials program, you will train with 16th Streets’ core teachers to develop your craft on screen. 

Over 8 weeks you will work on the essential elements of screen acting with 16th Street’s expert coaches and directors, Julia Grace, Sancia Robinson and Iain Sinclair. Module 3 of the Acting Essentials program, will ignite your ability to captivate an audience on screen.

The program takes you through auditioning, self-taping and professional direction for film and television, enabling you to be confident and embodied in your acting choices. 




Julia Grace – Auditioning. 

Actors will work on a range of screen genres inclusive of Soap, drama, comedy and TVCs. To consistently and practically apply their technique to a wide range of screenwriting with bravery and authenticity, to keep the ‘actor muscle’ strengthening, with the focus on auditions for the screen.

Sancia Robinson – Self-taping.

Actors will be working on the craft of self-taping. Supplying actors with the skills, practice and materials to get comfortable in front of the camera, whilst transforming their specific actor problems and mastering the ‘screen and self-tape game’.

Iain Sinclair – Professional Direction.

Actors will focus on finessing your talent to equip you with the confidence and techniques to tell different stories. You will work on scenes for the screen with Iain. Iain will be deepening your self-reliance and giving you practice in the valuable techniques of self-direction in your acting work, making you director-proof.



Iain Sinclair : Award Winning theatre Director and Dramaturge

Julia Grace : Acting coach, Meisner and Viewpoints specialist 

Sanica Robinson : Acting coach and self-tape expert


16th Street’s acting essentials program is ideal for any aspiring actor, who wants to understand what it takes to be a professional working actor and who wishes to start formal training.

This program is designed to be experienced either as a follow-on from module one or two or as a self-contained 8-week module. 

All our courses and programs are for ages 18+, if you’re under 18 please look at our youth programs or email our admissions team for training opportunities.