Acting Essentials: Module 2



In this 8-week acting essentials program, you will train with 16th Street’s Artistic Director and 5 of 16th Street’s core teachers to deepen your craft and experience of scene work.

Over 8 weeks you will continue to develop elements of craft: Voice, (including dialect training –  US accent), Movement (including The Alexander Technique) and Acting Techniques (including Viewpoints, Meisner technique and Uta Hagen’s technique). You will apply these techniques to ‘carbonate you into action’ through American scene work.

US accent/voice work and movement training will inform character creation and the world of the scene.



Kim Krejus : Artistic Director of 16th Street. Acting coach and Producer.

Julia Grace: Acting coach, Actor, Writer and Director.

Harry Haynes: Acting coach and award-winning theatre director

Matt Furlani : Voice and US Dialect specialist

Karen Anderson : Accredited Alexander Technique teacher

Anne O’Keeffe: A movement and drama coach



Kim Krejus – Uta Hagen/Scene work 

Actors will develop their skills focusing on the 6 elements of Uta Hagen’s technique: character, circumstances, relationships, wants, obstacles and actions. Actors will integrate these elements and apply this technique and learn how to make bold acting choices in a selection of American scenes. In this module actors will develop their ability to identify and connect deeply with the characters they play.

Julia Grace – Viewpoints/Meisner Technique

The powerful combination of Viewpoints & Meisner gets actors out of their heads and into their bodies. Actors become physically impulsive and passionate, deeply connected with others through their openness and presence. These techniques develop an actors rehearsal process, feedback response and moment to moment curiosity.

Matt Furlani – US Accent/Voice work

The actors will explore vocal power, range and resonance of the voice, and have the opportunity to master a general American accent, which is a reflection of the American characters you will be playing in your scenes.

Karen Anderson – The Alexander Technique

Actors are encouraged to build an economic connection between the body and voice, using energy and effort efficiently for a creative stage of being. When actors develop an awareness of their body and voice, they are free to inhabit their characters more powerfully.

Anne O’Keeffe – Applied movement

Actors develop a keen sense of physical awareness and emotional availability. Harness the power of building character and story through movement and gesture techniques based on the teachings of Michael Checkov and Rudolph Laban.



16th Street’s acting essentials program is ideal for any aspiring actor, who wants to understand what it takes to be a professional working actor and who wishes to start formal training.

This program is designed to be experienced either as a follow-on from module one or as a self-contained 8-week module. 

No Experience is required.

All our courses and programs are for ages 18+, if you’re under 18 please look at our youth programs or email our admissions team for training opportunities.