A word from our Artistic Director for 2017December 12, 2016

Lantern 2

I was touched to hear one of the Full Time actors share with his classmates, since he has been training as an actor, he has become less judgemental in life.

I remember four years ago, when Buddhist nun Venerable Robina Courtin, a woman I regard as my teacher and spiritual friend, asked me why actors want to act? I stumbled over my reply in the attempt to find a collective answer to this question, “I think it is about connection”.

I have since pondered this question further and taken ownership for what acting meant to me, and what teaching acting now gives me. For me, it’s about compassion.

American novelist, John Steinbeck believed, if we knew somebody’s story, we wouldn’t hate, we may even love.

Acting is a paradox, it is not about you and yet it is all about you. The crucial story we have to understand and to face with compassion, is our own.

With courage, compassion and mastery in the craft of acting, we hope you find something to assist you on your journey in 2017.

I wish you a safe and happy Christmas and holidays.

Let us light up 2017 together.

Kim Krejus